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Everything you need to get registered

Getting started with Kids! Management is easy. Instructions and any necessary forms for registration can be downloaded right here. If you have further questions, check out the FAQs or feel free to get in touch with us. Before signing up, please keep in mind that although we are the largest company of our kind, we do not guarantee work to anyone and do the best we can for all of our clients. We are not your employers, we are the liaison between you and the casting companies that hire your children, submitting your child's "look" and availability to the casting directors making the decisions and then coordinating the job details if they are chosen to work. Once registered your child is submitted for work on a daily basis subject to the needs of the industry and what is filming each day. We provide a friendly and professional service that allows your child the opportunity to experience Hollywood first hand.


Registration is by appointment only. Appointments can be made by calling our prerecorded registration line at 661-244-4621. Once your appointment has been set you will be directed to one of our mandatory registration/information seminars conveniently held on Saturdays and located at 207 South Flower Street, Burbank, CA 91502. Your child must have a current entertainment work permit to schedule an appointment.

At your registration appointment, we ask that you bring the following:

Due to changing laws, it is now a requirement for your child to be present, with a photo ID to verify the I-9 form, when registering with Kids Management. If a child is not able to be present, you will still be able to attend the orientation. You will, however, be required to return at a later date with your child and their proper photo ID in order to submit your I-9 form.

There are no up-front fees required to join Kids Management.

I-9 Form with Identification

In addition to our paperwork and the work permit, the U.S. Department of Justice requires all clients to fill out an I-9 form as proof that the client can legally work in this country. With this form, we do need to see ID that establishes both Identity and Employment Eligibility. If your child has a U.S. Passport, please bring that as your form of ID to your appointment. If your child does not have a passport, then we need to see a Social Security Card OR Birth Certificate, AND one of the following: A State ID card or driver’s license with a photo, a copy of a school report card, a doctor or hospital record, or a daycare or nursery school record. Please bring copies of these documents to your appointment with you, along with the completed I-9 form.

Download I-9 Form ›

Work Permit

Work permits can be attained by downloading the appropriate application forms that need to be filled out by both the parent or guardian and the appropriate school authorities. Directions for completing the work permit application are contained as part of the download. Forms must be mailed to the Division of Labor with all of the required documentation attached. The Division of Labor will then mail your permit to your home or address provided.

Work permits are required to register. If you come to registration without a copy of your child’s work permit you will be turned away.

Download Work Permit Form ›


After you complete the registration process for your child, you will need to email their photo to Photos should be from the waist up, preferably with a white or light background. Refrain from hats or props of any kind. Please be sure that your child is the only subject of the photo (infants excluded). Pictures with friends, pets, or relatives are not usable and will be deleted. We only need one photograph and it should be a JPG format, no smaller than 50 kb and no larger than 1 megabit in size. Pictures that vary from the sample photo will be rejected.

In the subject line of your email write "New Client" followed by child’s last name, first name. We do not accept photos to scan or digital media to up load. If you do not have the means to obtain a digital photo to email then please contact the office directly to make arrangements.

There is no need for you to go to the expense of having a professional headshot taken. Casting Directors would prefer to see a "real life" photograph that has not been "photoshopped" or touched up in any way.

Headshot Sample